Age Spots & Sun Damage


Living in a climate with almost constant UVA/UVB exposure combined with dry heat and occasional beach vacations can certainly be tough on your skin. Many of us migrated and reside in such conditions for the reward of beauty and year around outdoor activity. Which is why we have to do what is necessary to protect and repair photo damage. The Skin Cancer Foundation attributes 90% of aging skin to sun damage. But rest assured there are ways to protect and repair the effects of this exposure. The #1 defense should always be prevention—daily application of sunscreen and avoidance of exposure by wearing protective clothing.

If lifelong UV exposure has begun to rear its head, then correction is possible. Freckles, large brown spots, red patches, and wrinkles can be erased. Some of which procedures have been scientifically proven by Stanford University to repair the damage to DNA.

All body parts exposed to the sunlight can and should be treated as to maintain a consistent youthful appearance, face, neck, chest, arms, hands, and legs are all commonly treated areas. We shouldn’t have our hands or necks tell our age when our faces look fabulous!

Our medical staff will create a plan to address your specific needs with our many solutions for prevention and correction.

Sun Protection

Sun protection is the first line of defense. Ninety percent of extrinsic aging comes from the sun's powerful rays. While most people know that using sunscreen is important, many of them are still falling short, refusing to wear sunscreen for a wide range of reasons. The two biggest complaints about sunscreens are its tactile feel and sensitivity issues. Patients are educated on the difference between chemical and physical sunscreens and that the reason they are having sensitivity is because they are using sunscreens that contain chemical filters.

Chemical filters are widely used because they are cheap and they work. However, these ingredients can cause acne, irritation, and dermatitis in a large group of users. Although not all chemical sunscreens are substandard, they are, more often than not, the reason many patients do not like to wear sunscreen during the day. We offer a variety of mineral-based/physical sunscreens that should eliminate these issues.

Traditional physical blockers, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, act as a shield that does not allow light rays to penetrate to the skin, thus protecting from a burn. Physical sunscreens have evolved since the days of lifeguards with white noses and have now been micronized to provide a soft and powdery finish to the skin. We offer patients daily sunscreen options that only use physical filters in addition to chemical filters, that are broad spectrum, and have a SPF of 30 or higher. Also, we recommend to patients out in the sun for extended periods that they should be reapplying their sunscreen every fews hour in order to be fully protected.


When dealing with three-dimensional aging, it is necessary to treat all aspects of the aging face and body – breakdown of elastin and collagen, texture and tone changes, and volume depletion and migration. Aesthetic treatments are best for mild to moderate surface texture problems such as fine lines, large pores or acne.

While energy based light and laser devices are best suited for the synthesis and regeneration of collagen cells and elimination of brown and red spots. Some treatments will provide improvements to all skin issues, pigment, texture, wrinkles, and laxity, while other protocols may combine a number of devices and treatments to best address individual needs.


Chemical Peels For regular skin maintenance and prevention.
Medical Grade Products To take care of your skin and prolong effects of treatments at home.
Microneedling Used to treat scars, stretch marks, textural issues and produce more collagen.
Prescription Grade Products Supercharge taking care of your skin & hair, reverse the signs of aging.

Laser Therapy

DyeVL/IPL Photofacial Improve overall skin tone and sun damage.