Lines & Wrinkles


Wrinkles For A More Youthful You

Though you may have “earned every one” of those lines or wrinkles, there really is no need to showcase them. Who hasn’t wished for that twenty-year-old body with the mind you have now. Take the wisdom and experience and present it with a youthful you!

Aging, lifestyle, environmental and solar exposure all contribute to loss of collagen and skin elasticity. Compounded with years of facial animation, expression, and sleep patterns skin begins to tell a story. Lines are created from repetitious “folding” of the thinning skin, like creasing a piece of paper. The result:

  • wrinkles around the eyes or “crow’s feet”
  • lines around the lips and mouth or “smile or smoker’s lines”
  • horizontal forehead lines
  • angry lines between the brows, the “11s”
  • accordion lines on the soft cheek
  • creases at the corners of the mouth or “marionette lines”

Getting ahead of this process using preventive treatments such as Botox is the new way to age. Arizona Skin Institute offers numerous treatments that help improve the appearance of fine lines and deeper wrinkles. Because these creases have taken years to appear often multiple treatment solutions are required to correct them. Discontinuing the habit of expression is also necessary to stop the production of the line and can be assisted via neuromodulators. Let us devise an effective long term skin smoothing solution, free of the road map of your life.

Aesthetic Services

Botox Used to relax the muscles and cause lines and wrinkles.
Chemical Peels For regular skin maintenance and prevention.
Dermal Fillers Used to restore volume, improve contour, fill depressions and smoothen lines.
Medical Grade Products To take care of your skin and prolong effects of treatments at home.
Microneedling Used to treat scars, stretch marks, textural issues and produce more collagen.
Prescription Grade Products Supercharge taking care of your skin & hair, reverse the signs of aging.
Platelet Rich Plasma or Vampire Facial Use your own platelets to restore lost collagen.

Laser Therapy

Clearlift Used for moderate facial lines, plumping, melasma and stretch marks.
DyeVL/IPL Photofacial Improve overall skin tone and sun damage.

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