Facial Volume Loss


Your Youthful, Natural Contour

Over time, the aging process leads to an overall facial “deflation” due to thinning skin, facial fat atrophy and migration, and underlying bone loss. This deflation results in the appearance of nasal-labial and marionette-like folds around the mouth, heavy jowls, and hollowing of the upper face such as the orbit, temples and cheek. Years of dynamic facial animation in volume depleted regions results in lip atrophy and “smoker” lines as well as crow’s feet. Fortunately, there are many FDA-cleared products available to “reflate” and contour the ageing face as well as add corrective options to natural asymmetries, genetic predispositions or beauty balancing. Small tweaks to hollow eyes or sunken cheeks can provide an instant refreshed look.

With expert hands and knowledge of products we will provide a natural, reflated—not inflated—look.

Aesthetic Services

Dermal Fillers Used to restore volume, improve contour, fill depressions and smoothen lines.
Medical Grade Products To take care of your skin and prolong effects of treatments at home.
Microneedling Used to treat scars, stretch marks, textural issues and produce more collagen.
Platelet Rich Plasma or Vampire Facial Use your own platelets to restore lost collagen.

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